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About Us

About Edit

Edit Hybrid Fitness is one of Chennai’s premier functional fitness centres. Founded in 2015 by Vimal Menon, a national level sportsman and a martial artist for over 25 years, Edit has helped clients accomplish their goals from fat loss to enhanced sports performance to maintaining an overall healthier lifestyle through exercise and nutrition management.  

About Edit

Training Philosophy

At Edit, we trust and believe in KISS “Keeping it Simple and Sustainable”, and that is where the “gains” are. The services we provide are Strength and Conditioning, Personal Training, Nutritional Consultation and Virtual Classes for adults and kids. If you are seeking to jumpstart your fitness, want to improve your athletic performance or recover from a recent injury, we will work with you to develop personalized programs, based on the core principles of strength, nutrition, and recovery.

Training Philosophy


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ACE-CPT, NASM-PES, Precision Nutrition Level 1, NASM Speed and Agility Sports Performance, Martial Artist with black belt in Karate, Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

Vimal, founder of Edit Hybrid Fitness and Little Spartans is a certified fitness and nutrition coach with over 25 years of experience in Football, Table Tennis and Martial Arts at National and International Level. He serves as a motivator, life coach, friend and a teacher to help them live better lives. After spending more than 10 years in the USA, completing bachelors in Electrical Engineering and working in Qualcomm, Vimal returned to India in 2012 to take over his family business. However, he could not keep away from sports and fitness for long and started coaching football in PSBB as well as training his friends for fitness. As someone who has undergone various surgeries and injuries due to sports, and also someone for whom following a proper nutrition was critical to his sporting successes, Vimal had a unique understanding of the role of strength & conditioning and nutrition as part of one’s fitness. Although certified in a variety of fitness domains, Vimal believes in making sure fitness and nutrition is simple and fun. He believes that there is no one fitness or nutrition style that is superior to another and that any kind of movement whether walking, running, strength training, HIIT, crossfit, or any other movement are all good mediums for working out. What is important is to keep moving and following a good nutritional lifestyle in a sustainable manner.

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