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Nutrition Course in Chennai

Nutritional Coaching

Edit Nutrition is a Nutrition Coaching platform offering one on one and virtual nutrition coaching services to clients worldwide, our goal being helping people lead sustainable lifestyles. 


Our nutrition philosophy aims at a non-restrictive macronutrient based approach where no food is eliminated (unless you have food allergies), and educating people achieve nutrient dense diet, proper digestion, happy gut, blood sugar balance, hormone and menstrual health and balancing stress.


Nutrition Course in Chennai

We will work together with you to provide

  • a 12-week Customised non-restrictive nutritional plan identifying your carb, protein, fat and fibre intake based on your activity levels, short term and long term goals

  • Weekly progress on food intake, bowel movements, sleep, stress, and hunger pangs to identify diet modifications

  • Hydration suggestions based on goals and activity

  • Supplements recommendations for athletic nutrition


Who is this for?

Weight Management - Weight Loss & Weight Gain

Whether you want to lose 2 Kgs, 10 Kgs, or more, our weight management nutrition coaching is designed to help you achieve lasting results without fad diets. We strive to provide nutrition education that will last a lifetime. We take the pressure and stress out of meal planning, correct micronutrient insufficiencies/deficiencies, and provide continuous accountability and support. Our nutrition coaching programs are individualised to your desired outcomes and include but are not limited to: Full assessment of your current lifestyle factors like diet, stress and sleep. Detailed evaluation of current diet and recommendations based on food journal, medical and nutrition history, and pertinent lab work/test results. Personalised nutrition plans tailored to your individual needs, goals, training regimen Grocery and meal planning with simple and palatable recipes provided Education on healthier cooking, recipe modification Nutrient supplementation recommendations

Diet Plan
Vegan Bowl

Medical Nutrition for Specific Health conditions

We provide you completely personalised nutrition regimens for a healthier lifestyle using evidence-based nutrition therapy. Additionally, we offer advice on the vital nutrients you should consume to avoid any deficits. Diabetes: Being diabetic does not often need the patient to fully alter their diet. A diabetic diet should have two main objectives: controlling blood sugar and ensuring appropriate nutrients. To function correctly, your body needs a healthy balance of blood sugar levels. Hypertension: Hypertension cannot be cured, but it can be controlled through lifestyle changes and prescriptive medication. Research has shown that necessary dietary change can help treat and often delay or prevent high blood pressure. People trying to control hypertension are often advised by medical consultants to decrease sodium, increase potassium, watch their calories, and maintain a reasonable weight. How does one do all of this? We customise a nutrition plan to keep you healthy and prevent the development of any further complications. Heart Disease: Maintaining a healthy weight and exercising frequently are essential for maintaining your heart in good condition, but what you eat can be just as important. A heart-healthy diet, according to experts, can cut your risk of heart disease or stroke by 80%. You might be able to avoid or manage heart disease and high blood pressure if you are aware of how the foods you eat affect the condition of your heart. Thyroid disorders Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism are the two main categories for thyroid disorders. Your thyroid gland's main job is to keep your body's metabolism and digestion functioning properly. To put it another way, a person with hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid gland) will be underweight and lean, whereas a person with hypothyroidism (an underactive thyroid gland) will be overweight and have more fat. Your body's digestion and metabolism suffer greatly in both situations. Nowadays, lifestyle-related hypothyroidism is more prevalent. We evaluate your body's thyroid profile, and we create a nutrition plan to naturally and holistically activate your thyroid glands. PCOS/PCOD One of the most prevalent hormonal irregularities affecting women of menstrual age is polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD), also known as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which can start as early as the age of 15 to 16. Because of the slow change in food and lifestyle habits, this condition is affecting an increasing number of females. Additionally, pre-diabetes and stress may play a role. The disorder can also result in acne and hair loss. It disrupts your hormones by raising the number of male hormones in a female body and causing your body to develop excessive facial hair. It is crucial that, in addition to maintaining a healthy diet, the unfavourable effects are also controlled by receiving the proper nutrition.

Pre, Ante , Postnatal

During this time, it's important to get the best nutrition possible for both your body and the tiny soul that's growing inside of you. We help you in establishing this bond through our therapeutic nutrition plans. We recognise that your nutritional needs will vary throughout the three trimesters and we make every effort to meet them. All three of your trimesters will be simple and wholesome, thanks to our pregnancy specific nutrition and lifestyle interventions. Our natural and easily digestible food choices also meet your needs for vitamin, calcium, and iron.

Musli Mix

Lactation Nutrition

During the first stage of nursing, your infant is entirely dependent on the nutrition being taken from your mammary glands. Due to the fact that anything you eat throughout the lactation phase is passed on to your child through the feed, it is crucial for you to maintain your diet. Lack of milk supply is a typical issue that new mothers typically encounter. The name "galactagogues" refers to some functional meals that help your mammary glands produce more milk, which in turn gives your new born a multitude of nutrients, antibodies, and nourishment.

Sports/Athletic Nutrition 

We know that a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition doesn’t work. Performance nutrition goes far beyond a few calculations and cookie-cutter meal plans. Our nutrition coaching programs include but are not limited to: Full assessment of your current lifestyle factors like diet, stress and sleep. Detailed evaluation of current diet and recommendations based on food journal, medical and nutrition history, and pertinent lab work/test results. Personalised nutrition plans tailored to your individual needs, goals, training regimen Eating strategies for optimal recovery Sports nutrition products/ergogenic aids guidelines Vitamin and mineral supplementation guidelines

Protein Products
Food Ingredients in Bowls

Kids Nutrition

If you are a worried parent of a child who has fussy eating habits and a general lack of interest in healthy foods, then you have come to the right place. We will help you and your child with- Innovative and palatable healthy recipes Addressing the issue of weight (childhood obesity or lack of appetite) Special requirements (Examination stress, school competitions, or school events) Tiffin Ideas, and more

We will work together to make adjustments to your calories and macros based on body composition, activity levels and constant feedback from you to help you achieve your goals and feel good in your body.After working with us, we can assure you that you will never resort to salad based or any fad diets, cut out entire food groups, or feel guilty for reaching out to your favourite dessert.


You will not have to eat “perfectly” hundred percent of the time to make progress. We will educate you to be aware of the choices you make and any trade offs that might entail.

Nutrition Course in Chennai


Customised plan designed for your goal

Customised tool to track progress

1 on 1 personal training

Unlimited access to your coach via whatsapp/email

No fad diets. Focus on lifestyle change

Simple and Sustainable nutritional plans

Nutrition Course in Chennai

Nutritional Coaching


Duration.        : 3 months

Cost                 :  Rs 6000


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